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REPRESENTATIVE EXAMPLE: Amount borrowed: £200 | Loan length: 3 Months (82 days) | Annual rate of interest: 292% fixed | Cost of credit £111.36 | Monthly payments: £103.79, £103.79 and £103.78. | Total payable over 3 payments: £311.36

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Response Loans sources short-term loans from direct lenders.  The application process is completed quickly and easily online and lenders often offer fast approval. You may be able to receive the cash you need on the same business day. Often, those with past credit problems will still qualify for an unsecured loans. We strive to source personal loans that are an affordable and practical solution for those in need of immediate funds. Many who obtain the loans we source are facing money problems and need help with critical expenses such as car repairs or child-related costs.

What is a No Guarantor Loan?

A guarantor is an individual who assists a borrower in qualifying for a loan.  A lender may require a guarantor when the potential borrower has a poor or limited credit history. The guarantor acts similarly to a “co-signer”. The person assumes responsibility for the debt if the borrower were to become delinquent in repaying the loan. A guarantor is an adult resident of the country who generally has a good credit history.  When a guarantor enters the loan agreement, they will remain obligated until the loan has been repaid.

The concept of requiring a borrower to have a guarantor has historically been a common practice in lending.  Guarantors were common in times before lenders had fast access to a potential borrower’s credit score like they do today. Guarantors are typically family members or friends who have some level of established trust with the borrower. Guarantor loans are common when a young person wishes to obtain a car loan. They will often have a parent act as a guarantor to secure the loan. If the borrower repays the loan according to the agreement, the guarantor will not need to take any further action.   

Why Consider a No Guarantor Loan?

People may consider a no guarantor loan for many different reasons. Short term loans often appeal to those who have limited access to alternate forms of credit such as credit cards. Individuals struggling to obtain credit approval from a traditional bank or credit union may qualify for an online loan. We understand that an unexpected financial emergency can arise between paydays. We have a fast approval process and funds may be deposited into your bank account on the same day. Many traditional lenders require you to visit a local office to apply and it may be days or weeks before you receive a loan decision.

Even if your credit is poor, or has been in the past, very bad credit no guarantor loans are usually still available to you from certain direct lenders.

Benefits of a No Guarantor Loan

  • The application process may be completed from any location with an internet connected device such as a tablet, laptop, or smartphone.
  • Your personal information is protected using the latest in safety and security technology.
  • Our web platform uses enhanced real-time firewall and encryption technology that processes and stores all confidential data.
  • Those with poor credit may still qualify for our instalment loans.
  • You simply repay your loan according to your payday schedule.
  • The loans are paid back over a short term allowing you to comfortably keep up with other financial commitments.

Requirements for Obtaining a Response Loans Loan

Those who apply for a loan must be at least 18 years old and a current U.K. resident.  Borrowers must be currently employed or have another source of regular income that can be verified. An active bank account is needed for conducting transactions electronically. Our loans are not appropriate for those with long-term financial needs or for the unemployed.

Quick No Guarantor Loans Online in the U.K.

Do you have an immediate need for funds as a result of a sudden expense? A no guarantor loan sourced from Response Loans may provide you with the cash you need in as little as one day. You can apply for our short term loans 24 hours day and many lenders offer online approval. These quick loans are a practical and affordable option. We encourage you to begin the application process today.  

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